Fancy Fitness Gadgets

I'm a pretty simple person. As far as fitness equipment goes, the only things I really use on a regular basis are my running shoes and water bottle. But as someone who's making a bigger commitment to fitness every day, I find myself researching and wanting exercise-related gadgets that the old me wouldn't have dreamed of wasting money on. For example? I find myself buying Lululemon workout gear, despite it being super expensive (Think $100 for a pair of capris. That you wear to the gym.) Once upon a time, I wore a pair of $12 shorts, a t-shirt I borrowed from a friend and my sneakers to the gym. But I figure it's worth it if the motivation to get my money's worth on my workout gear drives me to go to the gym when I'd much rather nap. You can't put a price on healthy living, right?

Fancy Fitness Gadgets

Anyway, this week, I thought I'd put together a list of gadgets that have caught my eye and might catch yours too.

TIMEX BodyLink is a GPS system, a heart rate monitor, a data recorder and ... oh yeah, a watch. You can go for a hike while keeping your heart rate in the fat burning zone and keeping the time too. Now if it only had a built-in pedometer too....

iPod Nike Player. I went for lunch with a co-worker the other day who is an avid runner. Like me, she can't live without her iPod when it comes to fitness. She was telling me about this device that connects your running shoes to your iPod. Seriously. It 'talks' to your iPod and records your workout. It also keep the music in tune with your pace. Is that amazing or what?

BMI is typically used as a way of measuring whether someone is a healthy weight or not, but it's been criticized because it doesn't take in to account factors like muscle mass and body fat percentage. The Body Fat Analyzer can tell you your body fat percentage without all the poking a prodding of traditional methods. All you have to do is grip the handles and it gives you a reading. How accurate that reading might be is another question....

The Kenakai Bandanna is made of super-absorbent microfiber that is lightweight and very cute. If you workout hard enough to sweat, as I know I do, you should pick us one of these. They're great for travel.

Spend a lot of time outdoors? Why not try the Firefly Bottle, which turns any old water bottle into a lantern. Good for keeping hydrated and being outside at night.

What gadgets are you impressed with?

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