how to break through a weight loss plateau

Breaking through a plateau, how to get through weight loss plateau

There are a million and one ways to kink up a perfectly good exercise plan, most of which somehow involve you losing your motivation to workout and/or stick to a healthy eating plan. The worst kinks, however, are when a plateau hits right in the middle of all your hard work. When right at your most motivated all of your weight loss progress stops for some unknown reason and your work seems to suddenly have no effect, no matter what you do.

how to break through a weight loss plateau

It's called a plateau and it happens to everybody! There are usually a couple of reasons why, 1) being that your body has become used to the workouts you're doing and it's time to switch things up, or 2) you're actually working too hard and your body is tired and needs more rest between workouts. Breaking through a plateau takes effort and planning but shouldn't be an impossible thing to do. Follow these simple steps to kick it back into gear and start seeing results again from your efforts:

Plan ahead for how you're going to keep things moving. When it comes to strength training 5 week plans work well for most people, which means laying out a plan ahead of time on how you're going to switch things up every week for 5 weeks. Changing the number of reps, the resistance, the rest intervals, and the sets are suggestions for each week, plus a "rest" week with little to no resistance training at the end of the cycle to give your body a break before you start it over again.

Add protein. Something outside of your workout routine can cause a plateau, commonly diet. If you're eating too much then obviously cutting back a little or making healthier substitutions for your favorite snacks may help, or you may not be getting enough protein to rebuild and repair the muscles you're working everyday. Also eating protein at the right time of day can help -- ensure you're getting at least 0.8 g to 1.2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight each day and try having some of that as a protein shake or bar immediately following your workout.

Go for something new. If modifying your workout routine and diet don't do the trick and you're still stuck, then maybe it's time to try something new altogether. Go for a completely new style of exercise, which depending on what you've already been doing could mean anything from trying Yoga or Pilates or picking up the free weights. The idea is to challenge your body not by modifying the old plan but by throwing it a new plan altogether.

It's easy to feel frustrated and negative when you hit a fitness and weight loss plateau, but instead of feeling like you've failed yourself look at the bright side and tell yourself you've simply done so well you've maxed out your current plan. I say it's better to hit a plateau and need to make things more challenging than never get started or make any progress at all -- going to the next level is a good thing!

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