Little Valentine's splurges good enough to give yourself

 Little Valentine's splurges good enough to give yourself

When I was little, I made a very big deal out of picking the perfect Valentines for my class. And every year, before I penned the names of my classmates on the tiny envelopes, I carefully, agonizingly chose the most beautiful of the bunch. And then, shamelessly, made it out to myself.

I never got why other kids snickered at this. After all, on the day we all throw our attention desperately at love, shouldn't we reserve a tiny bit of that consideration for ourselves? I'm not talking about ignoring our loved ones here. I'm advocating that we – like a seven-year-old with a big stack of ornate cards and without abandon – choose to lavish a little of that love on ourselves, too.

Little Valentine's splurges good enough to give yourself

That's right, ourselves. We get very good at taking care of everyone else, even when we're not so hot at taking care of our own bodies, style and spirit. This year, why not be good to you, too? Why not treat yourself to the delights you normally wouldn't buy or even consider? Why not get something delicious, something you really want just for you?

And while you're treating yourself, do it well. Steer clear of the chocolate and indulge the rest of your senses in these little splurges. Here are ten Valentines pour vous, all for $50 or less.

1. A rhinestone pedicure to bling up your feet. Treat your tootsies by adding a sweet flower, a sexy swirl, your zodiac sign over your polish. Trust me, you will smile every time you slide off your wool socks. Because the nice lady at my nail salon adds extra top coats when I order up "diamonds on my toes" (saying "rhinestones" will only warrant an awkward silence), these special pedis seem to last forever.

2. Cashmere socks for sweet feet. This soft pair will be your luxurious little secret under your favorite knee-high boots.

3. Cutesy cases for your tampons and pills. Keep your goods tidy in these sassy retro-styled little containers for your meds and monthlies that will hopefully take a little of the ugh out of everything packed inside.

3. Massage oils that make the mood. And this time, skip the baby oil and go for the stuff that glides on and leaves a tantalizing, tranquil aroma in the air. Kama Sutra's blends smell amazing and are soothing enough for the tub and potent enough for passion. (And yes, I'm working my way north with this list).

Little Valentine's splurges good enough to give yourself

4. Ohhhhhbi belts. Belts in all materials, widths and degrees of excess were all over the runways during fashion week. Obi belts, though, are a striking way to sass up the clothes already in your closet, and the wrap style won't leave you punch-hole focused. You can spend a fortune to wrap a couture belt around your waist or you can pick up a dramatic obi sash on eBay for the cost of this week's lattes.

5. Loved locket that says "I heart me." This modern pendant is a perfect place to tuck away one of your most treasured photos, a lock of hair, or some (very) small and significant reminder or memory. If you're stuck on what to put inside, why not download a picture of a strong woman you'd like to emulate this year – Margaret Mead, your grandmother, you at the summit of Mt. Ranier.

6. An upgraded lipstick..or liner or lashes. Whether you love drugstore deals or you go strictly designer, take one cosmetic piece up a notch for the holiday. A little lost in the cosmetic department? In my book you can never go wrong with a MAC lipstick, Lancome mascara or a smoky Chanel eyeliner, especially in a color you don't already wear everyday.

7. Gourmet tea and a beautiful brew pot. Add a little bit of ritual to your morning tea with a fancy new flavor. Include a new kettle, pot or pair of mugs to your purchase and you may be inspired to invite a friend over to share the gift with you.

8. Cookbooks you crave. Forget for a moment that zillions of recipes are available for free online and invest in a cookbook you've been coveting for ages. Then, forget who else in the house does or doesn't eat parsnips and cook up a delicious dish just for yourself.

9. Hardbacks you have to have. While you're at the bookstore, pick up a great read that hasn't made it to softback yet. Right now, I am loving every hardbound page of Eat Love Pray (a perfect companion to Lidia, by the way).

10. Trashy magazines that last the whole year. Give yourself a subscription to an impractical magazine and enjoy celebrity gossip guilt-free every single week. Stash some spendy, delicious beverages in the pantry to sip on while you steal away to read it.

If don't want to dole out cash on Valentine's Day, consider spending some time all by yourself, for yourself. Dip into a salt scrub, sit quietly in a library, ride to the top of the tallest building in your city. Watch a favorite movie (again) or dig out an old (gasp) mix tape (yes, I said tape) and relish the moment.

However you choose to celebrate the day, be sure to splurge – in token or in time – on the most important person in your life. Yup, gorgeous, that's you.

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