Make a party out of fitness

 Make a party out of fitness

Unless you have a workout buddy, fitness can often be a solitary activity. For me, my workouts are spent running on the treadmill buy myself, or participating in a group exercise class in which I don't know anyone. But what if you could blend fitness and your social life? Wouldn't it be easier to muster up the motivation to work out if you could make a party out of it?

Make a party out of fitness

I started thinking about this a while back when I came to the sudden realization that all my friends and I ever do for fun is head to the pub for beers and greasy food. I'm trying to re-vamp my habits, and sadly enough, beer and grease aren't on the menu, aside from a rare indulgence. So I'm at a crossroads: either I can find new friends, scale down my social life significantly, or find a way to mix my current social circle with my healthy ways.

An easy way to do this? Throw a fitness party.

I'm serious. No, really.

I'm not saying you should don the headbands and legwarmers and dance it up to Sweatin' to the Oldies (thought you could if want ... ). Just pick an activity that you enjoy and go for with it. Love Yoga? Have a yoga party. Love dancing? Have a dance party. All you need is a little space, some healthy refreshments and some guidance, which could be in the form of a fitness DVD.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Yoga Party. To throw a yoga party, you'll need some candles, some soothing music and maybe some incense. You can either hire an instructor or use the guidance of a yoga DVD. Plan to practice for an hour, and afterwards, treat your guests to some healthy finger food -- you won't want to fill up on a big meal. Be sure to supply lots of water and maybe even some wine afterwards. One thing to consider: is the party BYOM (bring your own mat) or will you be supplying one?
  2. Dance Party. A dance party can be as simple as getting your friends together to let loose to some favourite tunes, or you can hire an instructor to come to your home. If it's a stagette you're planning for, consider hiring an exotic dance teacher to teach the ladies some sexy moves. Or you could even go out to a dance studio or a nightclub. I like heading to the local salsa club -- it's fun and it's fresh. But keep in mind, it's not really a 'fit' party if you're doing drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Try to keep things relativly sober.
  3. Team Sport Party. Next time you host a barbecue, organize a game of football, soccer or baseball at the nearest park. It's a great way to have fun and enjoy the company of your friends.
  4. Skating Party. This can be ice skating, roller skating or skateboarding -- it's up to you. Call your closest rink or skatepark to see if they'll accommodate a large group. You might even be able to bring your own snacks.

If all else fails, everyone loves bowling, right? Bowling parties are a ton of fun, and though you won't burn a ton of calories doing it, at least it's better than not moving at all, right?

Other ideas? A curling party, a laser tag or paintball party, a martial arts party -- really, the possibilities are endless, don't you think?

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