Meditate your mind *and* body

 Meditate your mind *and* body

With the holidays under full swing, stress is becoming the normal way of life for many this month. When the going gets tough, many people need to realize the the human body -- both physically and mentally -- needs a break from time to time.

Meditate your mind *and* body

Physical breaks are pretty easy -- your body just tells you that it needs to shut down for a while using things like lethargy, tiredness or aching.But mental signs are not always that easy to recognize -- even though mental breaks are needed in many cases much more than physical breaks. If you stood in a line the day after Thanksgiving to hop, then you needed both kinds of breaks I'll bet -- at the same time.

How about meditating? Many people think of these yoga figures they read about in the media and think it's too goofy to try and do -- but that's not the case.

Meditating is not about just "being quiet" or finding quiet time to relax your ears. It's about letting your body "hear" itself and it's about going to a peaceful, relaxing place maybe 10 minutes out of every day if you can afford it.Most of us can, but we think we are so busy that 10 minutes is a huge imposition. for me, that's hard to believe.

How to meditate? Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Breathe deeply
  2. Scan your body
  3. Repeat a sacred name or phrase
  4. Exercise your imagination
  5. Engage in prayer
  6. Read or listen and take time to reflect
  7. Focus your love and gratitude

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