Sexy is the new workout

Okay guys, this issue of Fit Factor is for the ladies, so you might want to skip this post. Dancing seems to be the latest fitness craze, especially a specific type of dancing -- exotic dancing. Promising increased fitness and weight loss, plus a major boost in self-confidence and body awareness, this exotic dancing isn't just for the ladies working in the gentlemen's clubs anymore -- it's for everyone, you and I included. It's fun, it's a good workout, it's a chance to laugh with your fellow women, it helps you feel better about yourself both in an out of the bedroom -- really ladies, it's pretty much a perfect way to get active and have fun while doing it. I'm speaking from experience here. I've taken one of these classes, and I loved, loved it. We worked hard, we laughed hard and we came out of that class feeling like a million bucks. My friends and I held our heads higher after the class, because we for a short while at least, we felt truly sexy.

Sexy is the new workout

Everyone else seems to love these classes too -- gyms and dance studios around the world are offering exotic dance classes. Some classes, like the one I took, will teach you a routine that you can use anywhere you have some floor space, while some will focus specifically on pole dancing. If you've ever seen an experienced pole dancer, you'll know that it's not an easy thing to do -- those women can twist themselves in all sorts of directions, hang upside down and basically shimmy up and down that thing like no body's business. It takes amazing strength, endurance, flexibility and balance to be able to do that. Pole Dancing is extremely popular -- try doing a Google search on 'pole dancing fitness' and you'll come up with over a million hits, one of them which is sure to be in your general area.

I know what you're thinking -- you're too shy to do something like that, right? Wrong. These classes are full of shy people just like you -- that's why they're taking the class. If we all had the kind of body confidence that these classes teach, we wouldn't need to take classes like this. All the shy people I spoke yo in the class told me it had done wonders for them. So if you feel unsexy, out of shape or generally unsatisfied with how you look and how others view you, I suggest signing up. No matter what shape or size you are, it will help you feel good in your own skin, and help you realize that you are sexy just as you are.

Your turn -- have you tried exotic dancing? Or Pole Dancing? What did you think?

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