Super snazzy fitness DVDs

 Super snazzy fitness DVDs

Right now, I'm in the midst of a gym craze, which means I am going quite a bit (around 4 times a week.) Which is great, but I have to admit, there are times when I am definitely in a gym funk -- I just can't get motivated to make the trip. But I still need to work out so during those times, so I usually try a fitness DVD. They're especially good in the winter, when heading out into the freezing cold and scraping ice off your car is so not appealing. They're also great if you like you workout in the morning but don't like to get up early to battle the crowds at the gym. Yeah, DVDs can get repetitive after a while, but with Netflix offering them now so there's no need to do the same one over and over again.

Super snazzy fitness DVDs

This week, I decided to put together a list of awesome Fitness DVDs that will get your muscles toned and help you burn calories. Feel free to add your won favourites in the comments section. In no particular order:


I take Ripped Classes at my local gym, and I honestly think there is no better way to burn calories than with this intense workout. All you need is an exercise step and a couple of weights (though apparently, if you don't want to buy weights, you can substitute with jugs of water or anything else around your house that is moderately heavy and easy to lift.) The Ripped workout involves using weights in various exercises and I won't lie, it's intense, but it's set to heart-thumping music, which I find really keeps me going, and when it's all over, it's totally worth it.

Windsor Pilates

I took my first pilates class years ago and I found it pretty boring. However, at a friend's urging, I picked up the basic series by Mari Windsor, and I did it every morning before work for a few months. The 20-minute workout is convenient and easy, and though it's the same moves over and over again, you can work as hard as you want to. Plus, if you're feeling super motivated, try the hour-long workout -- that one's a bit tough but totally worth it.

Tae Bo by Billy Blanks

Ah, Tae Bo. I've never worked so hard, sweated so much ... or felt so sore the next day. And of course, the king of Tae Bo is none other than Billy Blanks. This workout is guaranteed to burn mega calories and leave you feeling exhausted, and undoubtedly proud of yourself.

Pretty much anything Denise Austin

Denise Austin is pretty well-known in the fitness world, and I can see why with fun yet challenging workouts like Fat Burning Dance Mix. Plus, you can't help bu be motivated by the instructor herself. She looks great. Denise Austin's style is kind of like aerobics, but without the 80s headbands. Her workouts are high energy and high enthusiasm, and I, for one, love them.

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