taking a new angle on goals

By taking a new angle on goals

Does your fitness or dieting plan need a jumpstart? Why? Obviously you've stalled, or hit a wall, or fallen into a rut, or whatever, but what is it that makes you want to break free and get moving again? What are you trying to achieve?

Considering your goal and refocusing yourself is one way to get motivated again, but if that isn't doing the trick try this slight variation: name 5 things your current weight or fitness level is preventing you from doing. Your goal may be to lose 25 pounds, but a list of things you'd like to do may have goals on it like wearing a certain size jeans, looking great for a specific event, or doing something physical like rock climbing or kayaking. By naming specific things that you want to do when you're thinner/healthier you can rejuvenate your spirit and inspiration, and get the focus shifted off the scale and more onto your life. So what are 5 things that you can (and will!) do when you reach your goal that you can't do now? And just how bad do you want those things?

By taking a new angle on goals

Now that you've got a new list of goals there are a few things you can do to help make sure your newfound resolutions stick. Take a close look at what you're doing to get to those goals and consider these three very basic suggestions:

  1. Are you drinking enough water?
  2. Are you getting enough exercise? (and are you increasing it as you're able?)
  3. Are you cutting out as many unhealthy "vice" foods as you possibly can?

If you are doing these things then consider: are you getting them done by chance or do you have specific plans for each? There's a big difference between telling yourself to simply "drink more water" and having something like a water bottle handy that you know has to be filled and emptied so many times per day. Leaving things to chance is only setting yourself up for failure because the odds are against you! Why not play the odds to your favor by setting yourself up for success instead with a plan?

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