The ABCs of Fitness

For this week's Fit Factor, we're going back to basics and learning the ABCs of fitness. Whether we're just starting out or are seasoned veterans, we all need a little reminder every now and then of why we're doing it, how to get fit and what we want to achieve. Here we go:

The ABCs of Fitness

A: Aerobic exercises. Also known as cardio. It's what burns the most calories and will ultimately help you take off that fat.

B: Barbells and dumbells. Don't get too caught up in cardio, though. Weight lifting is

C: Crunches. Want awesome abs (and really, who doesn't)? Crunches will get you there. Do some every day.

D: Depression: Exercise is known to combat the blues. Next time you have a bad week, go for a run instead of hanging out with a gallon of ice cream. You'll feel so much better.

E: Elliptical trainer: If you have trouble with your knees, or even if you don't, the Elliptical trainer is a low-impact, high-calorie-burning workout.

F: Form. Your form is more important than how much weight you're lifting

G: Gradual: Don't start running Triathlons right off the bat -- start with something simple and easy, and gradually work your way up.

H: Hot Tub. Treat yourself to a soak in one after a long workout. It will help you unwind and is a much better reward for a job well-done than a plate of cheese fries!

I: Inspiration. Find it where you can -- it will make a world of difference. And along with motivation, it's the most important aspect to any workout regime

J: Jump-rope. An easy exercise that is really effective. It burns a ton of calories and can be done virtually anywhere.

K: Killer body. Don't you want one? You know you do.

L: Lunges. Want a great butt and thighs? Lunges will secure you some. For a challenge, add weights.

M: Metabolism. By lifting weights, you'll give your metabolism a boost. A pound of fat burns 2 calories. A pound of muscle, on the other hand, burns much more.

N: No excuses. Seriously. Just do it. You won't regret it. I promise.

O: Obesity. Avoid the number 1 killer in America by establishing a healthy routine now.

P: Push-ups. Their so simple, yet oh-so effective. How many can you do?

Q: Quick Fixes. As in, there aren't any. It's hard work, any way you slice it.

R: Resistance band. For a quick, on-the-go workout, resistance bands are great! They're cheap, and they can fit in your purse.

S: Squats. Squats are an easy exercise that can tone your butt and thighs. Plus, you can do them anywhere.

T: Toning. You don't need to be a body builder to lift weights. Doing so will give you a toned, trim body that is the envy of others.

U: Uplifting. Want to feel great? Working out is an instant mood booster.

V: Variety. Make sure to keep it fresh so you don't get bored. Try new things!

W: Washboard Abs. They're under there, beneath that stubborn layer of fat!

X: X-mas. It's September now -- wouldn't it be great to wow your family with your new body by December?

Y: Yoga. Yoga will help keep you sane and help tone your body at the same time.

Z: Zipper. Won't it feel good when you zip up your skinny jeans?

What did I miss that's on your list?

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