things every fit person does

 The 10 things every fit person does

So what do those beautiful fit people in the world do differently than the rest of us? Were they just born with the right genes, or are they really that disciplined? While genetics has been proven to have some bearing on how much fat you store and where your body puts it, it's also been proven that it is possible to overpower those tendencies with the right combination of healthy habits. Sure, we've all heard a million and one different ways to be healthy, but which ones are the best? According this list of 10 habits is what you would find if you followed an average fit person around for a day:

things every fit person does

  1. Get good quality sleep and let yourself wake up naturally. This just may be one of the hardest habits to develop, because it means you probably have to get to bed earlier than you are now. Fit people fall asleep faster and sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed, energetic, and hungry.
  2. Be prepared. Fit people plan ahead, and make fitness and physical activity as important a priority in their lives as anything else. They pack their bags and plan their lunches the night before, and mark their calendars to make sure they never miss a beat.
  3. Exercise in the morning. People who workout in the morning have the best compliance rates, not to mention the most positive vibes throughout the rest of the day. Instead of looking forward to a workout that they feel less and less like doing as the day wears on, AM exercisers already have a sense of accomplishment and pride.
  4. Don't leave eating to chance. Healthy people know what they're going to eat ahead of time. They have set mealtimes and they plan their meals in advance in order to make sure they don't end up headed to a drive-thru or to the cabinet for a bag of chips.
  5. Bounce back quickly from setbacks. Being fit means not letting small setbacks like a missed workout or an occasional 'bad diet day' ruin all of your plans. Expect slips, but be ready to recover and get right back on track before any real damage is done.
  6. Make healthy changes permanent. Don't think of it as a diet, or as a workout, but as a new way of life. Getting in shape doesn't happen overnight, or even in a period of weeks, but over your lifetime as you live it. It's a constant process.
  7. Don't fall for gimmicks. Although staying up on the latest news is a good thing, getting suckered into every fad and gimmick that comes along is not. It's about lifestyle choices for the long haul, not the latest quick fix.
  8. Avoid yo yo dieting by losing weight and keeping it off for good. Again, it's about the long-term fix, a healthy lifestyle, and not temporary dieting. Understanding that with the right combination of healthy eating and physical activity you can lose weight and keep it off for life is the key.
  9. Talk positively to yourself! Successful people, in all areas of life, use positive sentiments to motivate themselves instead of negative ones. Instead of "I'm fat" and "I'm lazy," try"I'm strong" and "I'm thankful to be moving my body."
  10. Don't only set goals, but achieve them. A big part of this is choosing realistic goals in the first place, and then making sure you stick with it until you've done it. And when you have, praise yourself and then set another one.

Good advice for people looking at this list wondering where to get started is to choose one new habit at a time. Start by incorporating just one into your regular routine, and then another, and another. Pretty soon you'll have them all, and I bet you'll be fit as a fiddle!

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