Top 10 Tips For Fabulously Fit Sex

Top 10 Tips For Fabulously Fit Sex

Mind, body and more ... Sexual fitness is every bit as important to a fit life as nutrition, mental wellness and spiritual fitness. Getting hot and sweaty in your intimate life is equally conducive to a good workout as getting hot and sweaty at the gym ... and it is a whole lot more fun!

Top 10 Tips For Fabulously Fit Sex

Checkout these Top 10 Tips For Fabulously Fit Sex

1. Get committed. Did you know the most important key to great sex is actually monogamy? Couples who are committed to one another and their relationship experience far better sex than those who are coupling just for the sex. There is a deep level of communication that happens between a monogamous couple during sexual intercourse that drives their bond, and therefore their sexual connection, deeper. In order to achieve the openness and vulnerability necessary for great sex, trust and a sense of security must exist within the relationship.

2. Don't just do it ... talk about doing it. Communication is essential to a fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship. Talk about your likes and your dislikes in and out of the bedroom. Create a space that is honest and safe to share how much you like or dislike a particular action or activity. Encourage your partner when he or she is doing something you love and let that person know if there is something you are not comfortable with.

3. Stay physically fit. If nothing else motivates you to go to the gym, perhaps the promise of better sex with your partner will do the trick. Exercise increases flexibility, stamina, and strength, all of which contribute to vital, sustained pleasure. Couples who are physically fit enjoy better sex, longer endurance and multiple orgasms. Now that should motivate you to hit the treadmill!

4. The devil is in the details. Pay attention to the little things that get your partner hot. We all have little nuances that can drive us mad with pleasure, pay attention to what your partner's are and indulge him or her ... often.

5. Let it go. Let go of any shame or embarrassment that you may have associated with sex. Let yourself be open, honest and fully free to give and receive pleasure from your partner.

6. Power play-off. Turn off the power play when in the bedroom. There is nothing rewarding for either partner when power plays a role in the bedroom. Come into your intimate space as equals and honor one another with mutual respect.

7. Keep it clean. Sorry --there is no other way to say this other than groom like you want company! Seriously, if you are fastidious about every other body part, don't ignore "this" important area.

8. Allow yourself to receive. For some reason, it can be very difficult to allow yourself to be completely receptive. Just as you love to give in the bedroom, so does your partner. Be open to being a total vessel to your partner's giving nature. This is actually an act of love on both your parts.

9. Have fun. Whether your lovemaking is slow and deliberate, or steamy and hot ... laugh, kiss, smile, talk and have fun with one another.

10. Chat it up. Talk about having sex with one another. Talk about it a lot ... the very act of talking about it keeps it alive in your mind and your body. You will constantly want more of each other and that is a good thing!

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