Be healthier by being more productive

Be healthier by being more productive

Being busy with work and coming home stressed out and exhausted is a vicious circle that is not only hard on your health by raising stress hormones, blood pressure, and even interfering with sleep, but it can leave you too tired and pressed for time to fit a workout in -- which only makes things worse and perpetuates the problem. There are many ways to deal (like making sure you get enough sleep and make exercise a priority) but being more productive at work can help at a grassroots level. If you get more done while you're on the job you'll be less stressed, work less overtime, and feel more satisfied.

Be healthier by being more productive

So on that note, Pick The Brain suggests maximizing your productivity by setting up "Project Kill Days," which can as much as triple how much you get done. Project Kill Days are a great way to shorten up To Do lists and de-stress either before taking time off or after coming back and finding your desk piled with projects. Some of the tips they have for tripling your productivity include:

  1. Get up early (and make sure you go to bed early enough to get enough sleep!)
  2. Exercise first thing to build energy and get it 'out of the way'
  3. Create a fixed 'to do' list -- when you're done with it you're done for the day!
  4. Isolate yourself -- minimize distractions from others so you can focus
  5. Cut the cables -- anything that isn't absolutely necessary to your work should be turned off: internet, cell phone, etc.
  6. Put the big rocks first -- load the biggest and most important projects in the beginning part of your day
  7. No mid-task breaks -- finish an item on your list before you break for coffee or lunch
  8. Minimize other breaks -- take as few breaks throughout the day as you can
  9. Batch small tasks together -- grouping small similar tasks together can help you keep your rhythm and keep things on a fast pace
  10. Maintain a sense of urgency all through the day
  11. Build up speed -- if you're on a roll with something don't stop for lunch or a break until you've finished
  12. Don't just focus on urgent projects, also work on something that's long-term but important -- a Project Kill Day isn't just about immediate fixes but looming issues also
  13. Take the next day off -- plan the project day before a weekend or some time that allows you to take the next day easy, you deserve it!

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