Breakfast Makeovers

Breakfast Makeovers

Did you know ... Skipping breakfast can actually make your Real Age as much as three years older. We have all heard it before ... breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Why do you think they call it "Break-fast?" Yup. You are breaking a fasting state when you eat upon awakening! And yet, it is all too easy to forgo breakfast in lieu of coffee on the go. Of course, not just any breakfast will do the trick. When it comes to your morning meal, quality far exceeds quantity.

Breakfast Makeovers

Four Fit Facts About Breakfast

  1. Research suggests that people who eat breakfast are more successful at losing weight, as well as maintaining that weight loss as compared to their breakfast skipping counterparts.
  2. A high fiber breakfast is much more effective at maintaining alertness throughout the day than a high fat breakfast.
  3. Whole grain cereals, as compared to refined cereals, can assist in lowering the risks of heart disease.
  4. A breakfast rich in vitamins and nutrients will help to boost your immune system.

Quick Breakfast Tips

  1. Get at least six grams of fiber at breakfast.
  2. Keep raisins and nuts on hand for quick additions to hot or cold cereals. The nuts will help you to stay full longer, as well as assist your body in absorbing as much nutrients as possible.
  3. Drink only 100% pure fruit juice.
  4. Trade out your high fat breakfast meats for vegetarian or free-range Turkey meats.
  5. Keep quick breakfast items on hand for on-the-go morning meals such as fruit and veggies in sandwich bags, hard-boiled eggs, and low-fat or non-fat yogurt cups.
  6. Eating breakfast can make your Real Age as much as 1.1 years younger.

Got any good breakfast suggestions you like?

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