Foods that improve vision

Foods that improve vision

Did you know ... We have all heard the saying, "We are what we eat," but did you also know that your vision is directly related to your nutritional intake? According to Robert Abel, Jr., MD there are ten foods that will enhance vision and maximize our eyesight potential. Of course, water intake is also essential. When considering how much water you should consume daily keep this formula in mind: body weight/2 = number of ounces per day. So a woman who weighs 120 should drink a minimum of 60 ounces per day to maintain proper hydration.

Foods that improve vision

Top Ten Visual Power Foods

1. Cold Water Fish Cold water fish are an excellent source of DHA. Recommended for dry eyes, tuna, mackerel, cod and sardines support the structure of cell membranes and protect against the deterioration of eyesight. Add sardines to your pizza, tuna to your salad and get plenty of other cold water fish in your weekly diet.

2. Spinach, Kale & Green Leafy Veggies Rich in carotenoids such as lutein and zeeaxathin, green leafy vegetables protect the macula from sun damage. Add a mixture of raw kale and spinach to your salad in lieu of ice burg lettuce.

3. Eggs Rich in cysteine, sulfur. lecithin, amino acids and luetin, eggs provide protection from cataracts. Add hard boiled eggs to your salad. Try the quiche instead of a sandwich or have the egg salad sandwich!

4. Garlic, Onions, Shallots & Capers Excellent as a flavor enhancer, garlic, onions. shallots and capers are all rich in sulfur. Sulfur produces production glutathione which is an important antioxidant for the lens of the eye, as well as and the entire body.

5. Soy Soy is rich in protein, low in fat and contains important fatty acids, phytoestrogensm vitamin E and natural anti-inflammatory agents. Try soy ice cream in lieu of the "real thing." Add soy to your cereal rather than milk. Try soy cheese and tofu in place of other dairy products.

6. Fruits & Veggies By getting your five recommended servings per day in order to get your daily dose of vitamins A, C, and E and Beta-carotene. Yellow vegetables, such as carrots and squash specifically support daytime vision.

7. Blueberries & Grapes Improve night vision with foods rich in anthocyanins such as blueberries and grapes. Blueberries and grapes are both great on-the-go snacks. Just grab a handful as you run out the door!

8. Wine Wine has many important nutrients that support vision, as well cardiovascular functions. A glass a day keeps the doctor away.

9. Nuts & Berries Nuts and berries are highly concentrated sources Omega-3 fatty acids which stabilize cell membranes. Add nuts and berries to your morning yogurt or cereal.

10. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Use this mono-unsaturated oil in place of butter and margarine.

Awaken your senses ... Live a fit life!

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