Getting more sleep may mean getting that promotion

Getting more sleep may mean getting that promotion

Where is sleep on your list of priorities? Is it even on your list of priorities? Besides being busy busy busy all the time, these days it seems like sleeping is almost perceived as something lazy people do. It's not cool to be able say you feel well-rested, if you do suddenly everybody's looking at you like you're a lazy bum who has nothing going on. You're supposed to be fried and frazzled and barely holding it together! That's what everybody else is doing!

Getting more sleep may mean getting that promotion

Ugh, what a nasty way to live. Scientists are finding more and more data every day on the benefits of sleep and just how important it is to get enough. When it comes to your health, and your work, making sleep a priority should be a priority. You may think you're fine, that you can "run on" only a few hours a night, but can you really? Think about how much faster, smarter, and more productive you could be? Instead of chugging a Redbull every day try going to bed an hour earlier every night and see if you don't get that promotion you've been gunning for a little faster than you would have otherwise, because you're better and badder at what you do.So how much sleep do you need? A good way to figure out your own personal "magic number" is the next time you're on vacation make a point to go to bed at the same time every night. Don't set an alarm and let yourself sleep in -- after a few days you should start waking up at around the same time each morning, and you'll know how much sleep your body needs.

It's worth finding out what you need versus what you're getting, because no matter what you may think your body doesn't adjust to getting less sleep than it needs. You're building up a sleep debt that will eventually start wearing on not only your energy level but also things like your blood pressure, metabolism, and internal tissue growth and repair (you're aging faster).

So take sleep seriously! And to get started take this quiz from Forbes and test your sleep knowledge and find out if you're getting what you need to be at your best everyday. Having a hard time putting sleep on the top of your list? Think of something you really want (be it a promotion at work, energy to work out over the lunch hour, or just being more productive so you can get home earlier to your family) and focus on how sleep can help you get it sooner -- because it can!

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