Imagine the life of your dreams

 Imagine the life of your dreams

Did you know ... Before you can live the life of your dreams, you first must be able to imagine it. Imagination is the key that unlocks the magical door to your dream world. Interestingly, imagination is not an innate tool, but rather a skill that must be developed and massaged like any other muscle in the body.

Imagine the life of your dreams

So, the first step in creating the life of your dreams is to determine how well your imagination works. Follow this exercise to give your imagination a workout:

1. Grab a pen and paper and write down the number one thing you currently do not have in your life that you would like to have. Is it a porsche? A husband? A million dollars? A fulfilling career? A child? Self-love? A hot body?

2. Once you determine what your dream-thing is, draw a picture of it on your piece of paper. If you can't draw a picture of IT, draw a symbol that represents IT to you. For example, if you want a partner or spouse, maybe a big, red heart would represent that relationship.

3. Once you have your image, close your eyes and embrace the darkness and void. When you are very comfortable with the void you are experiencing, allow your mind to conjure that picture or image that is on the card in your hand. Can you see it? If so, continuing inhaling and exhaling holding only that image in your mind. Do not think about how you will work out the details of achieving this dream. Do not think about the obstacles that are preventing this dream. Think only of this item and allow yourself to fully experience how you would feel if this were in your life right now. If you cannot "see" it, move on to step four.

4. So, maybe you have decided your imagination needs to workout a bit before it is going to work for you. That is okay. We can all develop our imagination. Like any skill, some of us have to work harder than others. Spend more time focusing on your image. What would/does it smell like? Taste like? Sound like? Allow yourself to spend time with your thoughts. Think about all the sensorial aspects associated with your image. Is the texture soft to the touch or firm? Warm or cold? Is the sounds soothing or loud? The more information you provide your brain about this image the more neurons will begin firing in your brain to generate a mental imagine in your imagination.

Once you are able to hold your image of your dream-thing in your mind, keep it there. Post your card somewhere that will catch your attention repeatedly such as the bathroom mirror, your computer monitor or even on the steering wheel of your car.

Just as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Once you make a decision, the Universe will conspire to make it happen." But it all starts in your imagination!

Turn on your mind ... live a fit life!

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