Little altars everywhere

Creating Altars of Intention

There is a powerful difference between wishing for change and creating change. Wishful thinking is powerless. To "wish" implies that we are the subjects of a greater power and that this greater power has an opinion or judgment regarding our actions, thoughts and state of being. To "create" implies that this greater power resides within and that we are the sum of our judgments and opinions. If you want change to occur in your life, stop wishing and start creating.

Little altars everywhere

Creation begins with intention. So rather than say, "I wish I could stop smoking; I wish I made more money; I wish I was married to the partner of my dreams," language this desire with intention. I intend to marry the man of my dreams. If you want your intentions to work for you and to move from intention to a realized creation, build alters of intention. Place your alter in a highly visible place and visit it often.

So, what is an intention alter? An intention altar is a tangible, symbolic representation of your heart's desire. Do you desire a Porsche? Purchase a toy Porsche and set it in your work station. Each time you see this Porsche say to yourself, "I intend to drive my very own Porsche within (give yourself a time frame)." But don't stop there; place an image of your Porsche as your PC desktop wallpaper. Set various images of your Porsche in a slide show screen saver. Keep this visual in your "money-generating" and place and intend, don't wish, for it to show up in your life. Don't be attached to the HOW of receiving this Porsche. Just know your intention is the first action step to your creation.

Do you desire to have a loving, passionate, respectful, committed relationship? Create a relationship altar of intention in your bedroom. This altar should have two of everything. Do you love daisies? Place two daisies in a vase on your altar. Place a figurine of two swans, tow people, two hearts, etc. Your relationship altar should contain items that you associate with love and commitment and there should be two of each. In the evenings. light a candle for your altar as you claim your intention for this relationship in your life.

Do you desire a new job? What does that job look like? What role would you play in this new position? How much money would you make? Create your altar. Place this altar in an area that is highly visible to you. Reaffirm your claim to this intention each time you visit your altar.

Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." Change starts with an intention, don't wish for it, be it.

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