Misery Or Merry ... You Choose

Misery Or Merry ... You Choose

In a perfect world, we would never have to do one thing we did not want to do. Every moment of the day would be filled with fun-filled activities, and each day would be a holiday. But obviously, the world is not perfect. That said ... while we may not always have a choice about whether or not a particular task must be accomplished, we do have a choice as to whether we will waller in misery or move throughout our chores merrily. So, in that perspective, perhaps it is a perfect world ... a perfect world of our choosing.

Misery Or Merry ... You Choose

If you choose to be merry keep reading. If you choose misery, you may find the following Six Simple Suggestions slightly annoying. Fortunately, the choice is yours.

Be a big-picture thinker. Do you think Monet got bogged down in the details? I think not. He held the big picture--the end result--in his mind as he laboriously worked through the less than glamorous details of painting. When we think in terms of the big picture, the details can be embraced as a challenge rather than a chore. While the chore of painting, or any other detail of one's chosen craft, may seem grueling in the moment, the end result is a work of art.

Appreciate the lesson. When we find ourselves in situations that we do not enjoy, or perhaps even loathe, we need to get outside of the situation enough to evaluate the lesson involved. The things we least like doing are typically the ones we need to do the most. Why? Because there is a lesson to be learned or a reward to gained. Choose to be merry in the lesson. Misery rarely results in a lesson well-learned.

Be your own parent. Remember when your parents inflicted some sort of discipline or punishment on you while commenting, "This hurts me more than it hurts you."? Or, perhaps you have even found yourself saying the same thing. Any parent can look back on those moments and clearly understand what their parents were expressing. When we love someone, we are willing to experience that person's pain because we know the lesson is valuable. When you find yourself moving into misery, imagine you are performing the task at hand for a loved one ... because your loved one (i.e. you) will be better for the lesson.

Enjoy your surroundings. Enjoy the people you are with even if you do not enjoy the task in which you are engaged. You can also choose to enjoy your surroundings while you work through your less than pleasurable task. Focus on what you like about your chore and not what you do not like. Misery is as much a state of mind as merriment.

Focus on the positive. Frame your language and your thoughts in the positive. It is impossible to not be miserable if all you think about is misery. And conversely, it is impossible to not be merry, if you frame your thoughts positively. Watch your "I AMs." You know ... I am so sick of this. I am over this. I am never going to finish. But rather ... I am so glad this is almost complete! I am happy to learn this lesson. I am so impressed with myself for doing this!

Pick passionate people. And, if you can't pick the people who will be involved in your task, be the passionate person others can pick to work with. As Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently said, "Be the change you want to see in this world."

At the end of the day, only YOU create your reality. What will you choose? Each day this week, consciously choose to be merry. I promise you will have more fun, and your will be more fun to be with! 

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