Nutrition and menopause

Nutrition and menopause

Did you know ... During menopause a woman often feels as though something outside of herself has taken over her body. From hot flashes, restlessness, irritability, sexual changes to weight gain, women often feel a sense of powerlessness during this time.

Nutrition and menopause

Just as exercise and diet are important in every phase of life, it becomes increasingly more important during menopause. If it is possible for a legume to be controversial, soy would the one. The benefits of soy have been a subject of much debate, but if you fall into the Soy is Good camp, read on.

Soy can reduce cholesterol. Soy foods are packed with protein, antioxidants, phytonutients, calcium and folate. Adding soy to your diet may reduce cholesterol and hot flashes, as well as increase bone strength.

Soy is heart healthy. Because soy is known to reduce cholesterol levels, it can be an indirect warrior in the battle against heart disease--the number one killer of post-menopausal women. By incorporating soy foods into a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and high in fiber, soy can have a positive impact on heart health.

Soy is best consumed in its fermented form as the body is able to more efficiently digest the important protein and isoflavones found in soy. Enjoying a colorful diet of fruits and vegetables with soy and proper exercise should help to reduce the negative symptoms of menopause.

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