So Run With The Salmon

So Run With The Salmon

We know that you know it -- cold water, fatty fish that is wild caught is good for you. And the king of all those fish is wild caught, Alaskan salmon.

Studies show that only one or two portions a week have benefits for your heart health, cholesterol and blood pressure. Salmon can even reduce your risk of strokes, prostate cancer and macular degeneration.

So Run With The Salmon

And did you know that salmon is brain food? The omega-3 fats increase brain function and can protect against Alzheimer's. Add to that the anti-inflammatory properties of salmon and you've got yourself one awesome Super Food.

So why aren't you eating more of it? Yes, yes, everything in moderation, especially when there is a risk for dioxin and PCB contamination. But experts say up to two portions of fatty fish per week is fine for pregnant and nursing women, and up to four portions is fine for men and women who aren't going to become pregnant.

Need some inspiration to include salmon in all the meals of your day?


mix into scrambled eggs

a whole-wheat bagel (better yet, sprouted grain bread), lox and a dollop of plain yogurt

Louise's Salmon Breakfast Patties -- with egg, cornmeal and onion

Mexi-Salmon Breakfast Bake -- eggs, sweet pepper, creole seasoning and more


sprinkle on salad -- I use canned salmon with skin and bones for calcium

Avocado Salmon Sandwiches -- with lemon juice and Swiss cheese

Alaska Salmon Salad Sandwich -- uses yogurt instead of mayo, celery and scallions


Easy Glazed Salmon -- one of my favorites and only four ingredients

Grilled Maple Glazed, Chili Rubbed Salmon -- a fun combination of flavors to make your mouth say wow

What is your favorite way to eat salmon?

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