Strawberries -- In Season And Good For You

Strawberries -- In Season And Good For You

Do you want to get a major dose of antioxidants, vitamin C and cancer-fighting compounds? Eat some strawberries.

This week, we are adding strawberries to our growing list of Super Foods. They are in season, dripping with nutritious juices and the sweet-tartness that lends itself to a variety of dishes.

Strawberries -- In Season And Good For You

Want to know how to add more strawberries to your diet? Then read on, berry-lovers, and embrace the recipes that will show you how to add strawberries to each meal of the day.


Make a smoothie with banana or mango, about 1/2 cup of strawberries, other berries of your choice and enough yogurt or rice milk to get the consistency that you love. Add some nutritionals like spirulina or barley grass powder and you've got a powerhouse breakfast.

Slice strawberries over oatmeal, your favorite cold cereal or your favorite whole or sprouted grain toast.

Add strawberries to your favorite muffin, pancake or waffle recipe.


We love this one for dinner, too, but my recipe for Strawberry Asparagus Salad is a big hit around here. Serve with grilled fish or blackened chicken or scallops.


Try Strawberry Salsa on grilled chicken, fish, tempeh or tofu. Add some grilled veggies and you've got yourself one nutritious dinner.


Sure, there are the obvious ones, like strawberry shortcake, pies, and anything with rhubarb. But for something easy and healthy(ish), try slicing strawberries and marinating them in a mixture of equal parts balsamic vinegar and Sucanat (or organic sugar, evaporated cane juice, just not the refined stuff). Serve over organic vanilla frozen yogurt and you won't have to feel too guilty.

After all, you did just eat some healthy strawberries.

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