Stress relief for working women

Stress relief for working women

Working women: do you feel like you're expected to do it all? I'm a big believer in setting yourself up for success in life, meaning making a point to work everyday towards having the life you really want. And for some women that life does in fact mean doing it all and having it all. But along with that dream comes a slew of stress, which means that learning how to manage and relieve that stress is paramount to success in both the big long-term pictures and the small short-term every day ones.

Stress relief for working women

Here are some suggestions that may help if you find yourself struggling, and as always: feel free to share with us whatever works for you!

1. Manage your finances and allow yourself a few treats Many women tend to feel guilty about spending any money on themselves, but by setting aside a little every week or month to use on treating yourself to something fun and relaxing you can not only help relieve some of the stress from piling up but you'll have more energy and a better attitude to put towards work, your family, and all your daily tasks.

2. Consider getting some help around the house It may seem like a total splurge, but allotting money for help with housework is really an investment. Is your time not valuable? Is it more important for you to spend time scrubbing the kitchen floor or building relationships with your children and husband? It's all about balance (most of us can't afford a full time maid and butler!) but getting a little help for when you're really busy is nothing to be ashamed of.

3. Focus on quick and healthy meals for your family. Quick meals can still be good meals, and they have the additional obvious benefit of freeing up valuable time for other things -- but make sure you're not falling into the convenient processed foods trap or (gasp!) frequenting fast food joints. Building a stockpile of reliable healthy fast meal recipes will save you both time and a guilty conscience!

4. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You don't have to do it all, and if you're swamped you should feel free to ask your spouse, or friends (carpool the kids?) to help out. Relationships are about give and take, and building up supports for yourself is important!

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