Want Mental Clarity?

Want Mental Clarity?

Did you know ... Eating a "raw" or "living "food" diet increases your mental clarity, boosts energy, increases healthy immune functioning, enhances spiritual connectedness, brings one closer to nature and deepens one's relationship and respect for all living beings.

Want Mental Clarity?

What is a raw food diet? Well, it is not sushi! A raw or living food diet is a vegan based diet consisting only of fruits, vegetables, sprouts and legumes. Living foods--as I prefer to call it--are foods that contain enzymes. When we heat our food over the 116 degrees Fahrenheit, all enzymes are destroyed rendering cooked food actually toxic. Living Foods are are much more nutrient dense than their cooked counterparts.

Enzymes are the life force of our food and provide the body with energy. They assist in digestion and food absorption. The key to eating living food is to consume it as recently after its harvest as possible. So, buying local and growing your own small garden can be very helpful. Also, eating organic is essential. Conventional foods contain toxic pesticides that often cannot be rinsed off as the pesticides are absorbed into the actual food.

So, before you say it ... yes, eating a live food diet takes some thought and preparations. And yes, unless you live on a farm, it takes some thoughtful purchasing decisions. But, imagine all the money you will save by not stopping at (insert favorite coffee store here) three times a day to get your energy lift. Your living diet will keep you sustained on fewer calories with more energy. You don't have to go 100% either. Every little bit helps you and the planet!

Eat fit ... live fit!

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