Watch out, vampires, garlic is good for everyone else!

Watch out, vampires, garlic is good for everyone else!

Garlic: super taste, super breath. But also a Super Food.

Bad breath or not, it is worth it to me to include garlic in my diet for health reasons. Allicin, the sulfur compound that gives garlic its strong flavor, is good for your heart and immune system. Oh, and because it tastes so darned good, I couldn't cook with out it.

Watch out, vampires, garlic is good for everyone else!

One of the easiest, sure fire ways for a garlic lover to get a lot of garlic is to roast a full bulb. Douse it with a bit of olive oil, stick it in the toaster oven and watch it. When it gets brown and you can mush the garlic out of the individual cloves and it is soft enough to spread, it's done. Spread it on your favorite whole grain bread or crackers, add some fresh herbs or sliced tomato and you've got a heck of a snack. Here are detailed instructions with lovely photos.

And think of all the fun you can have, seasoning your meals with healthy garlic. Aside from the multitudes of Italian recipes you'll find loaded with garlic (just do a Google search), how about using it in some unexpected places?

Add some roasted garlic to mashed potatoes or cauliflower.

Garlic soup (use plain yogurt instead of the cream) is a different treat that also highlights another yummy member of the onion family, leeks. Or, here's another Garlic Soup recipe that uses goat cheese instead of cream.

Creamy Zucchini and Garlic (use plain yogurt instead of sour cream) uses fresh and powdered garlic, zucchini and fresh thyme. A winner!

Garlic Vinaigrette goes well on many different kinds of salads.

Add a bunch of garlic cloves -- whole! -- to roasted vegetables and serve over pasta with a balsamic vinaigrette.

I loved this collection of off-the-beaten-path semi-gourmet recipes using loads of garlic. From Braised Rabbit to Calimari to the ol' Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic, you'll find something special here.

And the trick to getting rid of garlic breath? You could try chewing a coffee bean or two, or a little parsley. I haven't found anything that works yet, except to make sure everyone around you eats lots of garlic too.

Do you have a favorite garlic recipe?

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