What color are you?

What color are you?

Did you know ... Our emotions, sense of well being and actual state of health are influenced by the colors in which we surround ourselves. And, the colors we choose to surround ourselves with in our professional and personal spaces have a direct influence on the way we will feel in those spaces, which in turn directly impacts the level of happiness, productivity and creativity we experience in those spaces. It is easy to see how our color choices can indirectly impact most aspects of our life.

What color are you?

"Studies show that paint and room color can have an effect on the body and mind", states Debbie Zimmer, color and decorating expert with the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute. "By understanding the impact of color, consumers can better incorporate the hues that help create the desired living space mood and setting that best suits their family and personal lifestyle."

Take a look at the colors you have surrounded yourself and evaluate the emotions you experience in those spaces using the information provided below:

  • As Zimmer says, "Red packs a wallop, psychologically speaking," by increasing blood pressure, heartbeat and energy. Red also stimulates hunger (Be careful what color you paint the dining room!) and can enhance feelings of intimacy and passion. Try red to spice things up in the bedroom!
  • Orange is warm in a happy and inviting way. Orange feels welcoming and stimulating without overwhelming the senses.
  • Yellow (at least bright yellow) screams, "Come on in, and LOOK at me!" Soft yellow is cheery and happy.
  • Blue is calming, which may be a good reason why blue is associated with baby boys, who generally need to "take it down a notch." Blue is also an appetite suppressant which is why you seldom experience this color in restaurants.
  • Green is another calming color that is very versatile in terms of incorporating this color in living spaces.
  • Violet and rose hues tend to be emotionally favorable with children.

By taking a quick glance around your living and work spaces you can probably very quickly identify what color you are, but for a fun and accurate reading on your personal color take the Luscher Color Test.

Awaken your senses through color and take control of your emotional state of mind.

Turn On your senses ... Live a fit life!

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